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With 20+ currencies and 20+ payment methods accepted globally, all transactions are protected by privacy and security measures.


Pay in your local currency

and shop with ease

We accept 20+ currencies, so you can pay in your local currency without worrying about bank conversion fees on purchases or returns.


Faster, easier payments

The checkout process is streamlined. Preferred cards can be added to your account, allowing you to pay with a few simple clicks. And money transfers can be processed in as little as 2 hours, reducing delays and giving you more cash flow control.


Enhanced security and privacy


All payments are protected on our platform. We use SSL protocol to encrypt all transactions, and we are PCI DSS compliant to ensure your data is secure. Your personal information is guaranteed to be kept safe and confidential.



How do I pay for my trade assurance order ?

1.Go to My Tiger Trade > Orders > All Ordersand find your order;

2.Go to the Order details page and select "Send initial payment" or "Make payment" to check out;

3.Choose a payment method and select "Pay Now";

4.Confirm you've paid successfully.



Why has the supplier not received my payment even though I paid?

After you pay, the time required for payment clearing and settlement varies by payment method.